Monday, May 21, 2012

Rajab: The Month of the Sultan,Allah.

Salam alaikum wr wb,

AlhamduliLlah, finally the month of Rajab have arrived,just want to remind ourselves that this is the month of Allah, so we should be mindful of what we are doing,we need to 100x more active in our amalan,istighfar and most of all take really good care of our adab.

as narrated in a hadith our beloved prophet [saw] said:

رجب شهر الله، وشعبان شهري، ورمضان شهر أمتي‏

So let us be aware of what we do in this month and whole heartedly respect this blessed month.

Also narrated by `Uthmān ibn Hakeem from Muhammad ibn Ubayd.
صوم أول يوم من رجب كفارة ثلاث سنين، والثاني كفارة سنتين، والثالث كفارة سنة، ثم كل يوم شهرا
التخريج (برموز السيوطي): أبو محمد الخلال في فضائل رجب عن ابن عباس
التخريج (مفصلا): أبو محمد الخلال في فضائل رجب عن ابن عباس
‏The fast of the first day of Rajab is repentance for three years and the [fasting] second day is repentance for two years and the [fast of] third day is repentance for a year and then each [remaining] day is [repentance for] a month.
رجب من شهور الحرم وأيامه مكتوبة على أبواب السماء السادسة، فإذا صام الرجل منه يوماً وجدد صومه بتقوى الله نطق الباب ونطق اليوم قالا: يا رب اغفر له! وإذا لم يتم صومه بتقوى الله لم يستغفرا، وقيل: خدعتك نفسك.
أبو محمد الحسن بن محمد الخلال في فضائل رجب - عن أبي سعيد.
Abi Sa`eed  related:
Rajab is one of the four forbidden months, [in which fighting is prohibited]. Its days are written on the Gates of the sixth heaven. When a man fasts one of its days and renews his fast with the fear and consciousness of Allah, Allah makes that gate to speak and makes that day to speak, saying, "O our Lord forgive him!"
And if he does not complete or perfect his fast with fear of Allah, they do not ask forgiveness for him and it is said, “your own self has betrayed you!”[5]

من صام أول يوم من رجب عدل ذلك بصيام سنة، ومن صام سبعة أيام أغلق عنه سبعة أبواب النار، ومن صام من رجب عشرة أيام نادى مناد من السماء أن سل تعطه.
أبو نعيم وابن عساكر عن ابن عمر.
 From Ibn `Umar  that the Prophet  said:
Whoever fasts the first day of Rajab it will be equivalent to the fast of one year; and whoever fasts seven days in it, the seven gates of Hell will be closed for him; and whoever fasts ten days from Rajab, a caller will call out from the sky, “Ask and you will be given!”
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It is said that during this month the angels will no longger write our amalan but Allah [swt] Himself will write the amalan of His servant (that is reward it's servants personally for their amalan and not even the malaikat knows how much rewards they get) in this blessed month as it is His month. waLlahu a'lam.

اللهم بارك لنا في رجب و شعبان و بلغنا رمضان