Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 4 primary enemies

(The 4 primary enemies part 1)

Asmlkm wr wb.


Nafs(self desires),Dunyawiyyah(worldly desires),Shaitan(devil) and Ghurur(ego).
This 4 things if we follow them will make us further and further away from Allah.
Our nafs hates what our hearts and our souls loves and our hearts hates what our nafs loves.

Like if you were to qiyamu-layl (stand in the night) and solah tahajjud (pray tahajud) which we'll have to ruku' and sujud for along period of time,our body will feel tiresome and feel lazy to do it since it's following our nafs.Sometimes during qiyam at the time of sujud ,you can already see that some people are sleeping in that manner.Masha-Allah.(Maybe that person is tired because the night before he/she's working really hard).If our body could make sujud or ruku' or pray all night long,our hearts and souls are jumping with joy because they love it.But if we were to tell a lie,our hearts will beat faster.why?because they are scared,our souls and hearts are afraid because they know that Allah is watching them.They will beat in a tone of AstarghfiruLlah,AstarghfiruLlah,AstargfiruLlah..until we tell the truth or have forgotten about the lie that we made ,will then it finally calms.But our nafs!oh..they love to lie,they feel nothing when they lie.They will make up stories and sometimes says it's a white lie so it's better for that person not knowing it's the truth.

Eg.If a wife cook badly and her husbands taste it,when he was asked "how was it?" by his beloved wife,he can't lie to her how it taste! he needs to tell the truth!but people nowadays says it's a white lie to tell that "it taste good.." .Oh..what a liar! If he says it taste good firstly with the niah of lying and then maybe to make he's wife happy,that's already a sin.But at a certain point,he also couldn't hurt his wife feelings by saying "it taste bad!".So he should try and answer "Masha Allah!it taste great!" firstly not with the niah of lying,but as a du'a, who knows the second time he taste it,it might really be good? Then follow up to win his wife's heart.

Our beloved Prophet [s] never told a lie,not even this white lie or a sunnah lie.There's no such thing as that!people are just making that up to make their nafs and ghurur feel better!

A lie is a lie,but people are afraid to convince that they are lying so they are saying it's a sunnah lie.Why are people using a sunnah as an excuse?!I know that he [s] told us to never hurt any one's feelings but for certain he always reminded us to tell nothing but the truth.

If we follow our nafs,then it will follow the other three;the devil,worldly desires and our ego.
If we were to follow them until the end of our lives,they are bound to drag us to hell.

God(Most Merciful is He) says: "Have you seen the one who chooseth for his god his own lust?" (25:43)
and "He followed his own lust. Therefor his likeness is as the likeness of a dog; if thou attackest him he panteth with his tongue out, and if thou leavest him he panteth with his tongue out" (7:176)
and about the person who controlled the passion of his ego :
God (Most compassionate is He) says: "But as for him who feared to stand before his Lord and restrained his soul from lust, Lo! The garden will be his home" (79:40-41).

Let's detach ourselves from these 4 primary enemies of ours.
Insha-Alalh next time we'll put in more details in this 4 'enemies' of ours.But let's do what our nafs wish not to do and do not do what our nafs wish to do.
Sorry for the mistakes that we have made,we apologise for it.And please inform us if there is.
May Allah forgive our sins and may He make us follow the path of truth,the people of truth and may He make our sha'ban and ramadan a beautiful one!amiin.

wassalam wr wb alaik.

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