Saturday, February 21, 2009


May Peace and Blessing Of Allah Be Upon You.
There's something i wanted to share with you guys but didn't have the time to post it. If you haven't heard about a guy named Nick Vujicic-a person without arms and limbs.Try watch this Video,I promise that You'll defenitely be inspired by his words.Even though he was born with neither arms nor limbs,he's capable to do anything that mostly a normal person can do.

Here's another video of him motivating the students:

Sometimes i wonder,even though he live without both arms and limbs.Some how he still manage to survive in this world without it and he never give up even if he fail or fall down over a 100 times. What about us ? We sometimes fall down once in our life dah nangis(cry) like a bunch of CRY BABIES-even though we still have BOTH arms and legs.Weak ah like this..It doesn't mean that we fail it's already the end of the world rite??There's a lot of chance next time lah..

hmm,so i think we should also need to put the 'never-give-up-spirit' in our life.And also we need to have husnul-zhon(positive thinking) in our life so that our life will be more peaceful if we think about something positively.For example maybe if we failed our exam even though we had studied and work hard on it, if we think su'ul-zhon(negative thinking) we would complain like "Oh GOD! why do I deserve this?!! I studied so hard!!But WHY??! WHY??!Why are you doing this to ME!!" oh SHUT-UP!I've seen alot of people complain like that,some how it irratates me.BUT if you think it as husnul-zhon we would go like "Maybe GOD wanted to give me this as a sign to work harder,maybe there's a good reason for it.." well,that's better.If you think it as like that i assure You that your life will be more peaceful.

That's my opinion anyway.Untill now,

Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh Alaik.

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