Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Welcome, whoever you are, to this humble abode. The blog before you was created and published during the darkest days of "Cultural Revolution." No was on Feb 09 la. It was set up by this two poor servants of the Lord.

Both of them were wrapped with bone and flesh while they are living on this earth. One appeared as "Qiok" and the other as "Name". Currently they are studying at Madrasah Al Junied and WilayahLC.

This blog is just an ordinary blog, but it has a Government Warning: Do not read this blog if you're an English teacher. Conferm cannot sleep one. Ala.. but as long as u understand i understand OK what..Right??

can contact us at:-

Pulau Ubin, Singapore
May 2009

p/s:if you guys have any intresting blog or website on islamic stuff like;islamic law,islamic mysticism etc,please do inform us!we beg of you! or if you have some intresting topic(as in islamic stuff ah) to share in this blog we'd be delight to make you an author so you could share it with us here :),Allah and His Messenger loves the one who shares,especially on ilmu.So share the love y'all! aite,peace out! wassalam.


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