Saturday, October 31, 2009

Confession of God Slave: Mirror

By opening the door

I found a mirror

Veil by a scarf

Looking into the mirror

And suprised that i am not looking at myself

But actually You

I am You

And You are me

we are one

Yet we are different

I am not You

For You is He

You are not me

For You is He

A dot that i am seeing

Yet huge to the naked eyes

An infinite that i see

But just a dot in the heart

We are but a mirror of You

Knowing the reality of 'I'

I cease to exist

Slowly in depth of Your Love
Though I am blocking my own way
Towards the reality of the 'I'

Enduring the pain

By Your will I will

Patinece is the Key

And You are the Door
So I will restain myself
By Your Mercy
And Your Compassion
Will i get support to do so

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