Saturday, October 3, 2009


A simple man once came to Hazrat Sulayman (A.S.) His face was pale and he was quite struck by fearand anxiety. Hazrat Sulayman (A.S.) asked him: "Why are you so struck with fear?"He replied: "Hazrat Izraeel (A.S.) stared at me with very angryeyes. For this reason, I am quite worried and distressed".Then Hazrat Sulayman (A.S.) asked: "What do you want?" He replied: "Send mefrom here to India". Hazrat Sulayman (A.S.) commanded the wind to transport himto any place in India where he wanted to go.The following day Hazrat Sulayman (A.S.) met Hazrat Izraeel (A.S.) and at this meetingasked him: "Why did you stare at a certain Muslim in such a manner that he became verydistressed and worried? Was it your intention to take his soul away in a land where he has no heirs? "Hazrat Izraeel (A.S.) replied: "I stared at him in astonishment because I had received the command totake hold of his soul in India. Allah ordered me to take his soul this day in India.But when I saw him here I was astonished and confused.When through the order of Allah I reached India, I found him thereAnd there I took hold of his soul. O You listener, compare all the world's affairsin the light of this And open your eyes to witness it.Who are we fleeing from? From Allah? This is impossible.Against who are we rebelling? Against Allah? This is pure disaster, disaster, disaster."From this story we learn the lesson that at all times we should keep our affairs with AllahSWT clear and safe. We should try our utmost to fulfil our duties to Allah and the rights ofmankind, because we do not know when and where we shall have to say farewell to thelife of this world, and appear before Allah for the reckoning.It does not befit man to remain negligent in this world.He shall have to remember death at all times To every man who ever comes to this world.Destiny says: "I am following you, do remember".

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