Thursday, November 5, 2009


Sufism is a search for one's self. It is a search for who you really are and how you fit into the universe, the oneness of Allah.You must be prepared to confront the worst within yourself in order to bring your transformation about.You must let go of your ego.You must control your emotions.You must learn to treat others equally regardless of race, religion, etc. because we are all equal.If you want to follow Sufism you must be prepared to be humble. How can one be humble when they wear their accomplishments like a garment cloaking themselves in their pride? Can you become humble?If not, then don't bother to try and follow Sufism.You must put yourself through the fire as steel is forged in fire to make it strong.Can you stand the flames of searching for your worst qualities and making them known not only to yourself but others who would come before you? Can you dare yourself to be so honest as to identify all you bad qualities and do something about them?Do you have the capacity to lower yourself and be among the people rather than think yourself superior?Regardless of the position you hold in this life?Can you stop preaching what should be done, but rather practice no matter how difficult it is to do at all costs?Can you? Can you? Can you????Do you truly have a burning love for Allah SWT or is it just words?Are you taking your spiritual journey for granted? Are you truly seeking to get the best out of this transformation for your deen?If not, then Don't follow Sufism, if you can do all these and more then you MUST learn about Sufism and what it means.Do not delay....begin your journey before it is too late.Be truthful with your inner heart, because every lie is there and will lead to a cascade of events which will create a snowball affect leading the lies to overtake your good deeds.....So, if you are ready for the journey within to discover who you really are then follow Sufism.Now that I have your attention - this has been written to make a reader look harder at what is being written rather than passing it by. Thank you for your time, and please do not take offense at the style used to point these things out.

[was taken from one of our sisters blog,Sandra]

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