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Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuH

I've heard many kafiruns says that Islam treats women like slaves and that they abuse them with an addition that the woman in Islam have no rights.Also they said that the muslims forced the muslimahs to veil themselves by wearing the hijab etc.
Since they are not muslims,it's quite understandable that they might not understand anything of Islamic teachings and the rights of a muslimahs and all,but it's still wrong for them to make fitnah on Islam like that.Firstly,Islam does not treats women like a slave but furthermore Islam honor them more than man.Secondly,the women that has been abuse in Islam are not the teachings of Islam but in contrary it's their husband,father etc egos that they've been treated that way,plus Islam orders the muslims to treat their wife gently and nice.
As a muslim we all know it,plus i would not care much if the kafiruns said that we forced the women to wear a hijab,but it hurts me more to hear that the muslimah complained to people that we forced them to wear it and some might say that they are ashamed to wear it.

Yes,Maybe their Father or Husband might forced them to wear a hijab,but firstly their reasons are:
1)It is an honor for them(the women) in the Divine presence
2)It is an order from Allah
3)for every women in islam who is dragged in to Jahannam,Hell,they will dragged another 4 muslim brothers;
i)Their Husband
ii)Their Father
iii)Their Son
iv)Their Siblings Brother

And the person that is the most easiest to get to Allah is a women,Allah honors them more than man.It's easier for them to be a true servant of Allah and to become waliyah,which is not important,but it's a greatest honor for them and for us all when Allah says "you're a true slave of mine" only by hearing those words from our God Almighty is already enough and a great pleasure for us.
The reason why people heard so much story about a wali and less about waliyah it might be because men are idiots,when they get their mind on something,they'll try what ever it takes to have it while women are easily attach to something,like for example if they've found a woman of their dreams,they'll do crazy and idiotic stuff and chase her around until she finally love him back or maybe let her go if she finds someone else.Usually in the old times,it's the boys that are chasing the girls,but now,in the end of times you can also see the girls that are chasing the boys.As for the women,they have 9 nafs,which if they can control them all,it'll be easy for them to get closer to Allah,that's their weapon.
If they can control all of their emotions,egos,nafs it's a great honor for them.
In average between man and a woman,obviously man has a greater ego.And between their lustful desires,obviously man has a greater lustful desires than the woman,the greatest part is that between both parties,women are more emotional than man,that is their way to get closer to Allah.They are sensitive,while man are not that sensitive,and they are usually more humble than the man,plus they are more caring.But,the jealousy between the both parties,usually it's the woman who gets jealous easily and get hurt easily.The only way that brings woman slower or harder to Allah is that they are easy to get jealous,hurt,complained,lots of talking/gossips.
That's what i've been teach anyway,sorry if i am wrong,please do forgive me.
One of our teachers once said "Every time you talk on unbeneficial stuff,you're closing your inner heart towards Allah" ",or so she said.
Above it all, woman has a lot of advantages to get closer to Him,Exalted is He.
If i could envy,i would have envy the muslimah for God has created or put in their souls in a women body.AlhamduliLlah,we are not.

Lastly,you might have notice that i've been saying alot about the hijabs in this post or maybe another post.
For some of you it might be just a scarf veiling the head,but in reality it's more than that.
Since we're living in singaporean,AlhamduliLlah,people here accepted the religion of Islam,so it's easier for our sisters in Islam to veil themselves without feeling awkward(or maybe they have?) or anything like that.But what if we're living in a country like america? Which not all of them accepted it but they might have also critic so it might discourage our sisters over there.
But to all sisters who are reading,i hope that you would wear your hijab not to care what others think or for fashion or being force and feel awkward when wearing it.
It's simple but a great honor and value towards Allah when you're wearing it,especially when you're wearing it out of love for the Divine.
And the reason i've been bolding this topic it's because of our beloved prophet Mustafa [s] has come for the last ummah,

The Apostle of Allah [s] once said:"I have not yet seen two groups of Jahannamis,(because they have not emerged thus far).One group is of those men who will have lashes size of the tails of oxen,in their hands,with which they will lash the faces of others.The other group is of those women who will wear clothes,yet they will be naked.They will attempt to attract people towards themselves and they will incline towards people(men).Their heads will appear to be like a dromedary(camel).Such women will never be able to enter Jannat,nay,they will not even smell the fragrance of Jannat,although the fragrance of Jannat will spread far"

i)These days,scantily clad women or women who wear fine(see through) clothing are those who have put on clothes,yet they are naked.Women dressed in tight,figure hugging clothing also fall in this category.

ii)Women who wear high buns on the head are those whose heads appear to be like the hump of a camel.

This information and explanation i got it from the book title "SIGNS OF QIYAMAH" and the author or explanation from Mohammed Ali Ibn Zubair Ali.

And now,you can see many muslimah wearing tight T-shirt and jeans until you some times can see the shape of their body.(God knows best what their niat are,so we would not judge them)
I hope the sisters or brothers can take this seriously and could help by just spreading this message.
As the Prophet [s] once said to spread his [s] words,even if is just one word,or so he [s] said.

until now,
we hope that we don't waste your time or anything like that, and please forgive me for any mistakes that i have made in this post and please do inform us if there is.

wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuHu.
waLlahu A'lam

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