Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peace and Blessing be upon our beloved Ahmad [s] and his family

Maher zain - The Chosen One

Let's all salawat upon our beloved prophet [s] and his family at least 100 times per day,the person who's love upon us is more than our mother.For every salawat we make upon to our beloved,Allah will increase His compassion on us and forgive our sins and Allah will give salawat/rahamah upon us 10 times more.

And salawat help us to purify our hearts from any evil intentions and sickness.It will give us more rizq in here and hereafter.inshaAllah.For salawat is syifa'ul qulub, cure for the heart.It will increase our iman and Allah will only accept our prayers with the beginning of basmaLlah and salawat.

And RasuluLlah [s] stated that if a person salawat upon him 100 times a day,Allah will give him 100 hajat,70 in the akhirah ,after life and 30 in this world.

And if we salawat upon him [s] 1000 times a day,the person will not die until he/she receive(news) the glad tidings of jannah,paradise.

And the person who is closest to the prophet [s] in yaumul qiyamah,the day of resurrection is the person who salawat upon him alot.

If a person salawat upon him 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening that person will receive his shafa'ah in yaumul qiyamah.

Or you can also read Qasidahs like,Burdah,Diba'ee etc.

Some people might says it bid'ah since we're raising (tinggi-tinggikan)the prophet [s] just like the christian who raising(tinggi-tinggikan?) Isa [as].But how can we not raise our beloved Mustafa [s] to the highest level? He is the greatest person in history,without him,nothing will be created.And we raise him [s] as the greatest abduLlah,servant of Allah,not like christian,who raised Isa [as] until he became like a God,and that is wrong.And how can it be bid'ah when even the prophet [s] like people making qasidah and praising him.In qasidah burdah,there's one part where it says 'wa innahu khairu khalqiLlahi kullihimi-and he [s] is the greatest creation of Allah among the entire creation' Bala!.And that sentence was actually cam from prophet [s] himself when Imam Busairi meet him in his dream,and he was stuck with one sentence where prophet [s] helped him out on that sentence.The story is quite long but you can research on it.And how can you be sane when you are in love with a person? You'd definitely be insane when you're in love! For sure.

Lastly,let's salawat upon him [s].

Allahumma solli wa sallim wa barik alaihi wa ala alihi wa sohbihi wa sallim

until now,help us out if there is any mistakes and if you know anything more,then do share it with us.BarakaLlah fiik.And i really hope that you guys fasted during yaumul Ashura and before it.

wslm wr wb.

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