Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dinar and Dirham

Aslmkm wr wb,

Abu Bakr ibn Abi Maryam reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say: "A time is certainly coming over mankind in which there will be nothing [left] which will be of use save a dinar and a dirham."
(The Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal)

defination of Dinar from wiki:
The modern Islamic gold dinar is a bullion gold coin made from 4.25 grams of 22 carat (k) gold (.917).It is separate from the currencies of various states that use the dinar as a denomination.

As we can see,the current money we're using now is the paper money or so called known as the 'representative money' .

Which in defination (from wiki): piece of paper might 'represent' or be a claim on a commodity also,for example gold certificates or silver certificates.

So it said that the 'paper money' represents as a certain amount of gold or silver.So in defination the value of 'paper money' lies outside of the money itself and not within the money in eg. the currencies.

Where else the value of Dinar and Dirham lies in the coins itself and it doesn't get affected by any currencies at all.

We always talk about riba',and we usually thought that riba' is like in eg. you buy a book for $1 and then you sell it for $15.That's the normal riba' we usually see or notice.But the most dangerous riba' of all we didn't even notice it and that is the paper money.

Yes,last time paper money had a connection with a certain amount of Gold or Silver.Now, there is NO value in paper money at all,there is no connection between paper money and Gold or Silver.

The non-muslims is slowly stealing our money away without us noticing and oblivious to it.That's why there's some part of the muslim community in eg. Malaysia, are now starting to notice it and at some part of Malaysia they are using dinar and dirham.

This is the concept of the kafiruns or the Judeo-Christian a.k.a Freemason, to bring the muslim or the whole world down.And to sum it all up,the 'paper money' we're using is in actual fact haram and it is said to be an act of betrayal towards Allah s.w.t and His Beloved Prophet s.a.w.


Taken from a book of Dinar and Dirham by Sheikh Imran N.Hosein:

"The final stage of evolution in their monetary system would witness the universal embrace of electronic money,the brightest jewel of their evil monetary crown,which would totally replace today's fraudulent paper currencies.Indeed this final stage has already commenced,and all that the international monetary bandits now need is a world crisis (such as nuclear attack on Iran which has not as yet occured but which is expected at any time) that would result in a total collapse of US dollar and a consequent mass stampede away from paper currencies.."

Now,even some of the non-muslims (around more than 2,000 of them is america) has start to notice this concept and are making a movement to encourage people using gold and silver coins as money.Which all in all has been a sunnah for us and teachings from our Beloved Prophet s.a.w.

And most of us ,as stated in a Hadith, are following the Judeo-Christian alliance and blindly following them into the lizard's hole,as predicted by our Beloved Prophet s.a.w.

And what can we,as small minors with no power,can do?

We can atleast spread the message and support it's movement for now and tell everyone on how dongerous 'paper money' is and how worse 'electronic money' is.. which in reality electronic money is ashshadu haram. As they create money out of no where, just like 'poof'..from $0 in your account to $1,000,000 + to your account. Which to sum it all up a money that doesn't even exist.

That is all i can share for now, and hope there is people out there reading this blog and help us spread this message. shukraan. wassalam.

wallahu a'lam.

and p/s: instead of using money as your save account,use that money and buy dinar and dirham or any gold or silver stuff in eg. ring etc and make that as your account saving for the future,we might not know when will the wall street be bank crupt and there's no longger any value in the paper money..So what's the point in having a cash worth billions of dollar,but no value in it.

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