Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Importance of Masjid Al-Aqsa

Aslmkm wr wb,

i'm just going to show you some videos and slides hoping that you might get the message that i'm trying to send. I hope you can just spent a little of your time and watch these videos.

Conspiracy Of Masjid Al Aqsa "..the enemy who destroyed the Caliphate now have their eyes trained on the Hajj.The Hajj has been performed uninterruptedly since it was established by the Prophet Abraham [as] thousands of years ago.The Hajj continued even when Arabia had embraced idolatry.The enemies of Islam now have as one of their supreme long-term objectives,the termination of the Hajj...the goal of stopping the Hajj is now within the grasp of the enemies of Islam.All that is required for that goal to achieved is that Masjid al-Aqsa be destroyed..."

From the book: The Caliphate,The Hejaz and The Saudi-Wahabi Nation-State
By :Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

I hope we as muslims can spread the syi'ar of our Beloved Prophet [s] and united as one..and stop the violence between our own brothers like shi'a sunni etc, it doesn't matter whether we're sunni,shia',salafi,sufi,tabligh,wahabi or what ever sect we're in, the most important thing is that we believed in ONE God and that is Allah , and we love our Prophet Muhammad [s], don't let the Judeo-Christian alliance break us apart and serparate us from being united. We should not wait until tomorrow to make ourselves a better a person,cause tomorrow might never come ,we should start change ourselves today and become a better muslim and spread the message of Love that Allah has sent us.

w'salam wr wb. sorry for any mistakes that i made and please let us be aware of what is really happening to our ummah now, the one-eyed cult have been trying their best to make the majority of the ummah ghafl that is being heedless of what is going on by brain washing us with musics and entertainment. We should know what is the conditions of our Muslim brothers and sisters are like at Iraq, Palestine,Africa and many more so that we can feel what they are feeling and we'll try our best to help them by any means.

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