Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Devil

Aslmk wr wb,

Remember that Allah [swt] never created anything without His wisdom in it. Even the creation of satan there's a wisdom in it.Yeah, we should not follow the devils but we can learn a lot of things from them. One of those things that we can learn from them are that they are Hard workers, they will always try their best to make us lazy,always working hard to make us do sins.. they never take a rest and stop from making us following them into the wrong directions. That ,is one thing that we need to learn from them,we should be hard worker ,we have the support of Allah [swt],so we should work harder in fighting our nafs and them.. we should only follow their examples in that,working hard without getting any payment, always works hard but nothing in return.. We should do everything for the sake of Allah [swt] without wanting anything in return,that is what we called abdullah..Let's pray that Allah [swt] makes us as one of His true and faithful servants,ameen.

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