Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just have Faith

Dear self,
Please,whatever you do just have faith in Allah and never give up on Him. You might have sinned many times yet His forgiveness is wider and His mercy is bigger than your sin. So just repent and have faith in Him, He's the Most Forgiving. Even if you preach yet you yourself do not do it, just have faith,and do not stop talking about Him even if your Heart is not present in it. For it is even worse if your mouth has stop talking about Him and only talk about the dunya, for in His name there is barakah. Do not stop zikir even if you are not khushu', keep on continue zikir even if you are not sincere in it.You might have called Him a thousand times and feels like He doesn't even respond, for that kind of thinking is the thinking of the ignorant,so just be patient and wait for His reply. For surely He will definitely reply you.. not in the way you want it to be, but in a way that you need. Everything came from Him and everything or everyone that comes into your life there is a reason in it.His wisdom is Huge,He'll show you the way even by sending a non-believer to teach you a lesson, so don't look down on anyone.Dear Heart, just repent and forget about the past so you can move forward to the future with no burden on your shoulders. just have faith in His Love and Mercy. Repent,Praise and do your best for the future.

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