Wednesday, February 15, 2012


AlhamduliLlah , AlhamduliLlah walhamduliLlah 'ala kulli haal..

aslmkm wr wb,
alhamduliLlah, this week i get to go out 3 days with jemaah tabligh/da'wah from indonesia, all of them are santris(students) and mashaAllah, all of them are just awesome. as the saying goes,"if you can't be a good servant, then join them..".

The jemaah is very down to earth,tawaddhu' and have good akhlaq. One of the nasihah from the santris hit me "it was said that the best of zikr is La ilaaha illaLlah (there is no God but Allah) and the best of dua' is whatever you do,just say alhamduliLlah for the blessings that you receive and you will get more, as what Allah has promised.. don't always be too energetic/eager and ask something for more without even praising Allah [swt] and thank Him for the blessings.." and yeah, sometimes without noticing it, lately i've been asking too much from Him without putting in any efforts and always complain about stuffs that makes me feel lost and confuse. He is the best of planner, so note to self , if you only pray because you feel the
zouq or nikmat in the prayer and stop if you don't then you really are not a slave of Allah, you pray out of the nikmat you feel in it and not for the sake of Allah. But , if whatever happens to you, whether you're sad,confuse or happy etc. and you still keep praying and istiqamah in the things that you do, then that is true worship.
Ya Allah , let us pray because of YOU and not because of what we feel or any other reasons.
Ease the burden of your servants who needs help and open all of their hearts to get closer to You and love You more. ameen

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