Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Confession of a broken slave: For the sake of Your love for me

My wings are broken

Yet You are there to mend it

I ran away from You for someone else

Yet You are always there watching over me and protecting me

I always tried to forget You

but You are always there calling my name,remembering me

I am so lost

Yet You know how far i am from You,You guided me

I kept rebelling against You

But Your reply was "I have always love you"

You kept calling me to run towards You

You kept sending me reminders that this is not the eternal life

Even though i don't listen to You and take You for granted,

Your kindness act is as though i am the only servant You have

Your love for me has flushed me away

Knowing that i can't even trust myself and my good deeds

For i know that Your love for me is true

And it's the only hope that i have now to meet You

You love me for who i am

Even for being an idiot in rebelling You

Even for not trusting You

Even though i'm just a dust among pearls

You kept watching over me and guiding me

Your love never fails me

So i am trusting you now ya rabb

I am a liar for saying "i love You"

I can't even trust my love for You

But for the sake of Your love and mercy for me,

Please don't deny me in front of You and Your beloved

Please let me see you at least once in the after life with all of Your beloved

After that, let it be.. do as You wish..

Throw me in the hell fire as long as it's Your will..

But please don't deny me from seeing Your Beauty

For the sake of Your true love for me

That's all what i need..

For You are the Most Loving and Merciful 

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