Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Incident of Intense Love

Maulana Rumi R.A narrated that Sultan Mahmood once summoned his sixty five ministers and ordered them to crush the most valuable gemstone in his treasury. They all declined on the grounds that they could not bring themselves to destroy the most valuable and celebrated piece of gemstone in the treasury. He then ordered Ayaaz, his closest vizier, to destroy the same gemstone. Ayaaz obeyed and soon the unique gemstone lay crushed into a thousand fragments. The ministers on seeing this expressed shock and anger at Ayaaz for breaking the most priceless gemstone.The Sultan also responded:"O Ayaaz, you are indeed audacious and ungrateful! Answer these ministers now and tell them why you broke the gemstone."Ayaaz turned to the ministers and said:Which is more important,The Royal decree or the gemstone?Maulana Rumi R.A from this incident is advising us that if our heart breaks in obeying the command of Allah (SWT) then let it break. But the order and command of Allah (SWT) should not break. These desires of lust that lurk in our hearts can be likened to the gemstones that appear very beautiful and pleasing to look at.Nevertheless, we should boldly crush them and uphold the commands of Allah(SWT) Who has ordered us to control our gazes.

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