Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Once Abu Jahl had some gravel pebbles hidden in his hand. He asked RasulAllah(SAW) "If you are truly Allah's Messenger, tell me what I have in my hand? Youinform people of things from beyond the heavens, therefore it should be easy foryou to tell me what is in my hand".RasulAllah (SAW) replied: "Shall I inform you of what is in your hand, or should thethings in your hand themselves tell you who I am? "Abu Jahl retorted: "I would like both things". RasulAllah (SAW) said: "There are sixpebbles in your hand".Then at the command of RasulAllah (SAW) ~ everyone of the pebbles began torecite the Kalima Shahaadah. When Abu Jahl saw this miracle, he became soangry that he threw the pebbles hard on the ground and turned to go home.May his head remain covered in dust. The accursed one remained blind to thetruth and his eyes were like that of the accursed Iblees who saw Nabi Adam (A.S.)as a mere being created of dust. He could not see the soul which was crowned with'the crown of prophethood. Of that he was completely unaware.

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