Monday, April 15, 2013

Allah is always calling you..

Salam wr wb,

there's this song that i'm currently listening to and loving it,

imagine that the lyrics of this song is like Allah's the one talking to you, if a love of a creation towards a creation can be strong, then know that the love of Allah s.w.t towards us is infinity times stronger than anything.. basically here are some of the lyrics(in malay):

Sayang apa khabar dengan mu
Cobalah kamu telepon diriku
Ku rindu dengar suara indahmu
Kerna dirimulah semangat hidupku

now imagine that Allah is saying to you:
"My beloved serveant, how are you?
come and call Me (du'a/prayer)
because I miss listening to your beautiful voice.."
Sayang dengarlah permintaan ku
Jangan ragu kan cintaku
Sayang percayalah apa kataku
Kerna ku sayang kamu

"dear beloved servant of Mine, listen to My wish,
please don't doubt My love towards you
O My beloved servant, believe in My words
for I have always loved you.."

Sayang dengarlah permintaanku
Jaga hatimu untukku
Sayang dengarlah bisikan hatiku
Kerna ku sayang kamu

"dear beloved servant of Mine, listen to My demands and wish
take care of your heart (for the devil will always try to steal you away from Me)
dear beloved servant, listen to My whisper
because I've always love you .."

ya Allah, please make us a true servant of Yours and forgive all of our entire sins for there is no Forgiver except for You.. please guide us always ya rabb and make us a servant that You love..

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