Friday, July 24, 2009

Confession of God Slave: An Idiot am I

an idiot am i to trust on Your creation

to know that only You whom i should ever trust

an idiot am i to follow my lusts

to know it will only bring me down to the pits of hell

an idiot am i to hurt Your fellow creation

to know that they are Your family

an idiot am i to care what others think

to know that You're the one who i should care about

an idiot am i to be tempted by the devil

to know that i only should follow the path of Your beloved

an idiot am i to believe in Your creation

to know that only You should i believe

an idiot am i to have hope in a person

to know that You're my one and only hope

an idiot am i to called myself an idiot

to know that You give me brains to reflect and think

an idiot am i to follow my desires

to know that only Your desires and will should i follow

an idiot am i to think that a person will like me for Your sake

to know that You Love me more than anyone does

an idiot am i to repeat my mistakes

to know that i should learn from it and avoid it

an idiot am i to concentrate on Your servants

to know that to You should i ever concentrate on

what a garbage am i to know

what sickness am i to have

O Allah,please help us

cure this sickness inside of us

or should You take my life before i hurt anyone else

if it is better for me then i'd be delight to

or should You have to test my patience

i'd try my best to be among of them if You will me so

or should You call me and i'm engage in this world

i'm ashamed to have done that so

or should You want me to concentrate only on You

i'd try my very best to do so

or should you leave me dying

for i know that You are my Saviour

is it so wrong to express my feelings towards You in this idioticly blog?

for others says to keep the feelings to myself

but,how can i?

if they are correct then

an idiot am i writting this words

forgive us,for we are weak

forgive us,for our limitless sins

forgive us,for we are blind

forgive us,for we are just idiots

forgive us,for the sake of Your beloved nation,Muhammad [s]

You are theMost Forgiving since You are the Most Merciful

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