Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sha'ban:The Month of Holy Prophet [s]

salam wa rahmatuLlah wa barakatuHu wa marghfirahtuHu alaik.

yessah..AlhamduliLlah..we have now reach the month of Sha'ban.

And another 29 more days till the blessed month of the muslims

ok let's start on the information that we recieve on Sha'ban.

-means "to seperate"


in this month,
-Allah records the life-span/life-time of His servants

-Allah records the rizq for His servants

-Deeds taken to the hand of prophet [s]

15 sha'ban[nisfu sha'ban]*important*

-known as the Blessed night;Laylatul-bara`ah:
*to be innocent
*free From Hell fire

-one of the 4 special days

i)Night of Power (Laylatul-Qadar)

ii) Night of Mid Sha'ban (Laylatul-bara`ah)
iii)Night of Arafah (Laylatul-Arafah)

iv)Night of Jumu'ah(Laylatul-Jumu'ah)
[in this night,the ibadah that you made during the day and the night will be the same..Like most of the other time if you were to make ibadah during the night,their blessing or barakah or the deeds will be double/much more than the ibadah you did during the day.But for that 4 days/nights their deeds during the day and night are the same,that's all there is to it ah]

-Allah choose whose souls He wanted to take

-Allah arrange the affair of His servants

-300 gates of the Most Merciful is open

-Night of forgiveness and rahmah

-Allah looks upon His servants and forgive them,except;the one who bare malice,disobedient to
his parents and the ones who makes shirik


-make shower during Asr

(intention of greeting the coming night)

-after Marghrib and Isya' read Yaasin

[each time after reading,make intention:

i)Long life(iman,ihsan etc)

ii)Protection from Calamities(ask to free from it)

iii)will not be needy(only need Allah)

After that,wrap it up with a Fatihah]

-make more selawat

[since it's the month of Allah's Beloved,Muhammad [s],selawat on him more so that he may give us shafa'ah during the Judgement Day]

-read more Hadith

-Ibadah All night if possible

-ask for the good tidings

-Share the love and joy


(one hudred rakaah;50 salams)

*read 10 times surah al-ikhlas after al-fatihah

[is you can not do all then the minimun is just 2 rakaah,if can then AlhamduliLlah]

And also there's some du'a(s) that we have yet to post,inshaAllah we'll post it here if we're free.

till now,

if there's any errors please do inform us,thanks.

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