Monday, July 6, 2009


salam alaik

Just wanted to share something short to you all and also a reminder for ourselves.

Well it's hard to be humble towards one another especially in this century.

Cause we are fill with greed,hatred,jelousy etc. towards one another.
Especially the main thing that kept us from being humble is our pride.
And it's hard to be humble when you have those kind of feelings inside,especially your nafs hated it if you were to lower yourself among other creatures.

Our nafs always wanted to be the best,best among all creature! and it will always says "I am the BEST!".It wouldn't be satisfied unless it gets everything!it always wants more and more!

Have you ever tried to be humble towards others and when they started to step on your head you'll start feeling angry/hatred or want to stop this humble of yours towards that person?

Well,maybe you don't..but i have,and i hate that kind of feeling.

Last time our teacher told us:"jangan merendah kan diri!malah rendah kan diri!"

which means that "don't try to be humble!be humble!" or something like that,sorry if it is wrong.

And Shaykh Nazim Haqqani [qs] said the reason why all Anbiya and Awliya is humble is because that they can see a crown on everyone heads.Even if some of the other person has the worst kind of attitude.(Let us imagine that every sons and daughter of Adam have that kind of crown on their heads,we'll definitely respect each other more than we used to,that's my opinion anyway)

Like,even if you were to have a Sultan or a King to be injust,do you dare to oppose him?

Nay,he would deffinitely chop of our heads if we oppose him.

So even that person is rude,just be humble towards him..don't say like "what's the point of his existence? his rude,his cruel,he might as well be dead and not have existed!"

Who are we to say that?! it's like we are opposing God,All Glorious is He,Himself!

He knows best for every existing creatures on earth.So Try not to judge the worst on others.

Even the Prophet [s] himself is humble by saying:
"I am but a human being"
[though he [s] is the King of Prophethood,a beloved of God Himself]
And why are we now a days following our ignorance and pride ,which is basically like we are climbing on the top of the mountain and crying out loud:
"i am the king of the world!so bow down!"

And Also verily that God loves His servants more when they are humble;

"And the servants of the Beneficent Allah are they who walk on the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say: Peace"[25:63]

So slowly let's fight this nafs and pride of ours and be humble towards one another.inshaAllah.
May Allah bless us,May Allah forgive our mistakes and may He make all of us a humble servant of His.amiin.

well,sorry if there is any mistakes..please do inform us if there is.

untill now,


btw,the picture of the Girl above is cute right? :D

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