Monday, January 4, 2010

The Blessed Womb of a Mother

aslmkm wr wb.

Lastly,the greatest blessings and honour for a women is that every human souls began their lives in their holy wombs,every time that she gave birth to a new born baby,her entire sins will be forgiven.Womb is one of the most purest place and the holiest place in this world,and that's one of the reason why all life began in the womb of a mother.

There was a famous orientalist who went everywhere asking questions, never satisfied with the world religions that he had studied. He came to my Master Grandshaykh Abdullah Daghestani and said, “I feel as if I am catching air. I find myself knowing more than the rabbis and priest and Islamic scholars that I questioned. I am finally coming to you and ask you for an answer. If you do not give it to me, I am going to remain without belief for the rest of my life.” And he said, “Show me God.”

My(Shaykh Hisham) teacher said:

O my son, why do you feel that you are only catching air? If you take that seed of a fruit and plant it and water it, you will find a green sprout coming out after thirty or forty days, and if you look for the original seed in the ground you will not find it anymore. If you come back after thirty years, you will find a large tree giving fruit to everyone. If you put an egg under a chicken for twenty-one days, the inner egg disappears, only a shell remains, and a chick will come out. The sperm that Allah allows to nest in the mother’s womb, a holy place, undergoes a similar seclusion for a period of nine months to disappear completely and come out as a new generation.

God has chosen a sacred place to send His first light to humanity: the mother’s womb. For that reason women are highly honored by God. He chose them, not men to carry that light. Love in women, therefore is ninety-nine times stronger than in the hearts of men. If women bring only one more part of love in their heart, women vanish in the love of God. They have been more honored than men because they carry God’s light in their womb. Yet they suffer tyranny and oppression everywhere in this life, but Allah never accepts that women be mistreated. He loves them more for it and the first people to go to paradise are women. This is Allah’s Will from the beginning.

Pearls And Coral 2
Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

also it is narrated in a Hadith by Abu Hurairah [ra]

The Apostle of Allah [s] once reported:

Allah [swt] created the world,and when He had completed it,the womb of the mothers rose up and proclaimed:"I am the spiritual station whoever seeks refuge in You from separation and division".

Allah responded:Yes,you are this exalted station.I will unify Myself with those who are unified with you,and I will veil Myself from those who reject you.Are you content with My Decision?

"Yes,I am fully content,"mystic motherhood replied.

The messenger of Allah [s] then commented:

Recite with sincerity these blessed words from the Holy Book if you with to avoid separation and division:"Would anyone invested with genuine authority cause disorder on earth or sever the sacred ties of kinship?Those who act this way are chastened by Allah with spiritual deafness and blindness.Why do these persons fail to meditate on the Quranic teachings? Are there locks on their hearts?"

i got that hadith from ibn arabi's book 'mishkat al-Anwar' which is translated to english version,and it did not give any information on that ayat,so if anyone knows which verse that ayat came from,please do share with us.pretty please.thanks!

until now,hope we'll be better this year than last year.amiin.

waLlahu A'lam

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