Saturday, January 16, 2010

Confession of God Slave:A reminder from the Heart

O myself

Be like pig

Even though people treated it like some **

You are more impure than them

O myself

Be like a fly

Even though people hate it

It gives Benefit for them

O myself

Be like a dog

Even if the master beat it up

It'll come back humbly with it's tail wagging

O myself

Be like donkey

Even though people make use of them

They still carry the burdens patiently

O myself

Be like the earth

Even thought people would step on it

It'll happily provide them with shade and sustenance

O myself

Be like an atom

Spinning in Divine Love

And let others think you're crazy

O my Lord

Yesterday i hurt a servant of Yours

Ashamed and embarrassed i am

But if You could meet me up with that servant of Yours

I would like to ask for that person forgiveness

And i'm hoping that You would open their hearts to forgive me

Feeling depressed for what i did

Since Your beloved would not hurt Your servants

Now i am complaining the pain in my heart towards You

And hoping for Your Mercy and Love to shower me

Even though i'm worst than a urine dog

And worst than the smell of a skunk

But still You acknowledge me

Praise be to You Alone!

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