Thursday, January 7, 2010

Confession of God Slave: The Crying Heart

Curious am i

i ask my ego

for what its desires are

"being king of the world and everything!"

it answered

so i asked my nafs for its desires

"women and worldly pleasures!"

that's what it answered to me

then i asked myself for what my desires are

"virgin maidens and all heavenly pleasures!"

is what i answered

so i turned away from them all

and turned towards my heart

"what are your desires?"

"only desire,and that is God"

that's what it replied to me

so i asked again

"is that all?"

so it said to me,

"yes,that is enough"

so i asked it where is God or where i can find Him

then it replied,

"show me where there is no God ,then i'll show you where He is"

i asked it what it meant by that

it replied,

"if everything needs God Help,then show me a thing where it doesn't need His Help"

so i told it that everything need His help

"then there is where God is"

i asked it how can i meet God

it replied,"By being His slave"

so i asked it,"why are you not with God?"

it replied,"because you are blocking my way!"

"how?"i questioned

"because you have your own will!"

"throw it away! so that i can be with Him,my Beloved!"

it answered with a raging voice

so i asked it how can i throw away my own will

it says,"by being as humble as ash and by seeking knowledge and by loving"

so i looked into the mirror and saw a lustful boy

then i looked in to His entire creation especially mankind

each different one of them have their own lustful desires

then i looked at their common thing

which is the heart

the only thing with no shape and size,nor titles and reputation

and i heard every heart screaming for Allah

some are relax,yet some are not

depends on who their owners are

some are crying while some are laughing

so now i am asking You my Lord

through Your Divine Mercy,

Beloved Muhammad [s],

please take us all to Your Ocean of Mercy and Divine Love!

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