Saturday, March 21, 2009

Company of Heroes

Bought Company of Heroes for only $19.90 at Games Convention Asia (GCA) which held at Suntec International Convention. It also comes with Opposing Fronts. Usual price is about $40+ and that is just for CoH itself. So i am lucky lorr..

To me CoH is one of the most realistic games i have ever played and definitely the best strategy game in history. The graphic is..MashaAllah, and when paired up with its audio..SubhanAllah. It makes you feel that, you are experiencing real life battle

The game takes place in World War 2. It greatly shows how bloody and brutal the battle were. So it is like you are learning while you're playing. But not that much la..but you still learn lorr..

The Units are cool. Each has it own speacial ability so they are all useful in different kinds of situation. Most important is the Mortar and the MG42 Squad. My favourite is the Airborne Infantry. They are threat to both infantry and vehicles.

Harta rampasan pon telah dihalalkan dalam game ni. No la..You also able to use enemies weapons when they die.

In Skirmish, it is a tradition in every strategy game to annihilate the enemy but not in this game. CoH is focus more on capturing territories than annihilate, but you still need to destroy the enemies la..

The bad thing is that there is only 2 different factions..but overall it is still great. It is recommendable to all RTS fans. Its a real winner..

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