Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movie: The Uninvited

Friday, may 22, 09

This story is about a girl named Anna who was traumatized by the accident that leads to her mother death. So her father sent her to a phychological hospital to get her over with what had happened, after 10 months or so she was released since the phychologist said that she was cured and had over come her fears.. But when she returned to her home she was being chased by her mother's spirit..or did she? and she finally found out what really happen on the night that her mother died..or did she ? who knows..But the most fantastic part we like about this movie is because the story line was kinda unpredictable and the ending was not as what we expect.

*two thumbs up*

a ghost story?a murderer sotry?both of them?or neither of them?find out yourself..

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