Saturday, June 20, 2009

Confession of God Slave:The Reality is God

God,All-Mighty is He,is the Truth of all truth
To Him Alone should you ever worship
Since He's the King of the kings
The King of Judgement day itself
All things are based on His wills
He wills it be and He wills it not
It's up to Him
Every Problem came from Him
And to Him should you seek and find the answers
For He will show you the pathway out if He wants to
He's the knower of All things
The Bestower of Blessings
Praise onto Him for the glad tidings
To Him Alone should you Fear
For His Divine Punishment is unimaginable
But His Mercy over come His Wrath
So Repent on your sins
For His the Accepter of Repentance
He's the Most Exceedingly Forgiving
So repent and He'll accept
For He likes the repenter
He's the Sustainer for the living
The Provider for the needs
He gave you life and
To Him will your life return
He's Devine Knowledge is as wide as the ocean
While He's Messengers are like a pin drop of the ocean
While ours are nothing that doesn't even come close to an atom of the water
So all we could do is dive into the ocean of His beloved ones
And will we find the Truth
So near,Yet so far
He's closer than our veins itself
Yet why do we feel that He's further than us..
It's due to His longing for us is more than us longing for Him
O How Merciful and Loving are you O Lord
To Him Alone should you ever love
For He's the True beloved of yours!
He's Love is Forever Lasting and Eternal
He's the Most Loving towards His fellow creatures
So be with Him always
and He'll be with you
He sends us Mercy for this nation
A Mercy which none other nation had ever received!
O How impatient are we to meet His Mercy
Whom Peace and Blessings be upon him
For in reality is ,there is no god but God.

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