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From the Light of Ahmad saw

salam alaik.
(The Creation of the Beloved saw part 4)

Next the Lord created a lamp of green emerald [ Bible book of revelations describes the Emerald Throne of the Heavenly King] from the Light,
and attached it to the tree by a chain of light.
Then He placed the soul of Muhammad [s] inside the lamp and commanded it to praise Him with the Most Beautiful Names (Asma al-Husna).
This it did, and it began to recite each one of the Names for one thousand years. When it reached the Name ar-Rahman (the Merciful),the gaze of Mercy fell upon it and the soul began to sweat from modesty.

Drops of sweat fell from it, as many as there were to be prophets and messengers, each drop of (i)rose-flavored sweat turning into the soul of a prophet[the chosen ones to be prophet;Ibrahim as,Musa as etc].
They all assembled around that lamp in the tree, and the Almighty addressed the soul of the Prophet Muhammad [s], “See here this multitude of prophets whom I have created from the pearl-like drops of your sweat.”
Obeying this command, he gazed upon them, and as the light of the eye enfolds the object, so the souls of all these prophets were suddenly engulfed in the light of Muhammad[s], and they cried, “Oh Lord, who has wrapped us in light?”

The Lord answered them, “This is the Light of My Beloved Muhammad, and if you will believe in him and confirm his prophetic message, I will grant you the honor of prophethood.”
Thereupon all the souls of the prophets declared their belief in his prophethood, and the Lord said, “I bear witness to your acknowledgment,” and they all assented. As it is declared in the

Holy Quran:
And when God took oath with the Prophets: That I have given you of Book and Wisdom; then there shall come to you a Messenger confirming what is with you–you shall believe in him and you shall help him; do you agree? He said. And do you take My load on you on that condition They said, ‘We do agree.’ God said, ‘Bear witness so, and I shall be with you among the witnesses.’ (The House of Imran, 3:75-76)

Then this pure, holy soul took up its recital of the Most Beautiful Names again.

When it came to the Name al-Qahhar, its head began to sweat once more from the intensity of His Divine Majesty and Awe, and from these (ii)beads of sweat the Almighty created the soul of the blessed angels.
From the (iii)sweat on his face RasulAllah [s], the Almighty created the Throne and the Divine Court,
the Tablets and the Pen, the sun, the moon and the stars.
From the (iv)sweat of his chest He created the scholars, the martyrs and the righteous believers.
From the(v) sweat on his back were made the Bayt-al-Ma’mur (the heavenly house),
the Kabatullah (the Kaaba), and the Bayt-al-Muqaddas (the Haram of Jerusalem),
and the Rauda-i-Mutahhara (the Tomb of the Holy Prophet r at Madinah), as well as all other mosques in the world.

From the(vi) sweat on his brows were made the souls of all the believers, and from the (vii)sweat of his lower back (the coccyx) were made the souls of all the unbelievers, fire worshippers and idolaters.

From the(viii) sweat of his feet was made all the ground from east to west, and all that is within it. From every drop of sweat the soul of one believer or unbeliever was created. That is the reason the Holy Prophet [s] is referred to as “Abu Arwah”, Father of Souls. All these souls gathered round the soul of Muhammad [s], circling round him with praise and glorification for one thousand years; then the Lord commanded these souls to look at the soul of Muhammad [s]. The souls all obeyed.
waLlahu A'lam wa rasuluHu A'lam.

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