Thursday, June 4, 2009

Confession of God slave: O Lord You are the Almighty Creator

O Mighty Ruler!

There's none other that is worthier than You

You are the needs of All Mankind

Yet You not need Us

You are the Most Menificent

You are fair to all Your fellow creatures

We forget You,Yet You remember us

You are the most Merciful and most Generous

There's none that can benefit You

And None that can harm You

None can reduce what You have from both Your Heavens and Earth

You are the Sustainer

You are the Greatest

Woe unto us ,Your low-life creature

We are dragged by our carnal desires

We are drown with our sins

Yet Only You Who can forgive us

Cause there is none other than You

My Lord,You sent down Your beloved,divine peace and blessings be upon him,as a mercy not to the earth but to the universe itself

He guided us from the path of darkness to the path of light

He's the saviour of the mankind

He's the most perfect example for mankind

You created him from Your Own Light

And thus we are created

He brought us the Truth(Allah) and bring down the false

Sent us greetings to Your Apostle,the king of prophethood,divine peace and blessings be upon him.

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