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RAJAB: The Holy Month of Allah

salam alaik.

so this is so far what i have noted down during the lessons of Rajab.
but there's actually more to it,but i didn't bring enough paper so i could only remember/noted down this much.
but my teacher said that he'll send us a slide show of that presentation, if possible,so inshaAllah if we recieve it,we'll attach it here.


-means "to respect" or hounour by arab

-one of the 4 sacred months





-All deeds are directly taken down by Qalam al-Qudrah instead by the Malaikat

(The pen will be given to Muhammad [s] on Judgement-day)

THE MONTH OF GOD (the Holy month of Allah)

-so basically it's you're entering the Sultan territory

[beware/be alert of all things that you are doing,for it is the holy month]

-Allah opens for the ummah something that has never been open before which will increase the Ma'arij(plural for Mi'raj)

-it is associated with forgiveness

[thus,fighting,war,killing;heart(hurt someones feeling),mind(shoot someone in the brain),tongue(back-bitting) are strictly forbidden as to respect this month]

-there are 3 things that'll you'll recieve when you fast during this month;

i)forgiveness from Allah

ii)impregnable virtue['Ismah] for the remainder of his life

iii)safe from thirst on the Day of the Greatest Review[Judgement-day]

-Rajab is the month of cultivation,while Sha'ban is the month of irrigating the fields and for Ramadan is the month for reaping and harvesting.

[so it means that you should start practicing from this month(not last minute like i always do during the month of Ramadan then like act good and all,that's too last minute),then will your Ramadan be more beautiful and you'll feel more blessings from the Lord]

-Also the month where treasures and fountains of Knowledge(where Awliya wait to make sclusion)

-Multiplacation of rewards

[even something simple that you do,God will doubleit like an atomic bomb that is going to explode,so why don't take this chance and do more ibadah]

-fasts 1 day is like fasting a year

while 7 days will make the 7 gates of Hell closed

and 10 days,a voice from the sky will say:"ask and you'll be given!"

[so that means your dua' is guaranty maqbul one]


-read Al-Quran more often

-Make DhikruLlah more

-read stories from the Prophet [s]

-read Hadith

-ask(dua') what ever you wish for(make it good tidings for akhirah if possible)

-give thanks and share the love and joy

-keep away from bad manners and behaviour


there's tons of it,but i only copied one,so here it is:

-Allahumma barik lana fi Rajab wa sha'ban,wa ballighna Ramadan,wa ghannimna siyamahu wa qiyamahu,waj'alna min utaqa'ikafihi

Try reading everyday during Rajab,especially after prayer.

Story About the Saint of Rajab:

There's this one man who lived during the time of the Prophet [s], and He's known for his no goods acts; killing, stealing etc. Even the prophet [s] himself wish to not see that man.But one day,during Rajab,this man died.. And suddenly, the angel Gabriel [as] came to the prophet and asked the prophet to wash that man, prayed for that man and also to burried him because that man was a Saint. Knowing this, the prophet was shocked. So he do as what he was told.After washing and praying for him, the prophet was about to take him to the grave for about a distance of a 15 mins walk. But somehow it took the prophet 2 hours to reach the grave. The sahabah was puzzled so they ask the prophet why does it take too long for such a short distance. He [s] replied that when he was carying that guy's body towards the grave,there's tons of angels and awliya of Allah infront of him thus making him hard to move in that tramendous crowds. Hearing this, the sahabah was shocked and puzzled. So The prophet [s] and his companions went and investigate what have he had done which makes him a Saint of Allah, since he was only knew for his dirty doings. So they went to his house and ask his daugther about what good tidings that he have done. So his daugther replied them saying that her father was know for the most bad criminal, but one day, as he was to search for someone to be his victim,he met this old man and beat him until that old man was unconcious, but there's nothing that he could steal from that old man except for a piece of paper, he opened that paper and saw a dua', he likes the dua' so much that he took it home and everytime when Rajab arrives he'll stop doing everything sinful and concentrate on God and read that dua'. The prophet [s] ask for that piece of paper(dua') and kissed it and gave it to Abu Bakr [ra] to share.

Here is the du'a of Awli Abbas to be read 3 times daily in the month of Rajab as prescribed by Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani. Who ever recites this Du'a will be cleaned as a new born baby.

(Click here to enlarge)

(click here to enlarge)

So The month of Rajab is coming just next week,so why don't you guys prepair and concentrate only on God alone and try to avoid any sinful acts.

So this is a reminder for us to all of you guys.
and sorry if there's any mistakes,correct me if i'm wrong.
May God have Mercy on us,and may He make our iman firm and strong,and may He accept our dua' and good tidings.amiin.

wassalam wa rahmatuLlah wa barakatuHu alaik.

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