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The Creation of the Light of Muhammad saw

Salam Alaik.
This month i'm going to exlpain briefly on the creations of God,Amighty and Exalted is He.
So hope this helps(?)..if not,then may God Bless You.
(The Creation of the Beloved saw part 1)

Before God,Exalted is He,created the universe and the entire creation,He created the light of Muhammad,divine peace and blessings bestow upon him.The Light rested haithu mashaAllah,where God willed it to rest.At that time none was created,not the time itself,nor the heavens,the hell,the earth,the universe,the human soul,nor the jinn and the angel;none was created yet except for that Light.

Then from that Light, God,Glorious is He,devided(created) it into four parts. [aka the big bang theory;where some people says that God,Glorious is He,makes the Light spin and twirl until it compress and explode in an instant.waLlahu A'lam wa rasuluHu A'lam]

1.The Pen(Qalamu-lQadr)

2.The Tablets

3.The Devine Throne

That Pen is no odinary pen,that's the Pen that which God,Mighty is He,created the Devine words,the Destiny(qadak wal-qadar) of the human nation.wa-Llahu A'lam wa Rasuluhu A'lam.
It is also known as the pen of Power

The Pen had on it one hundred nodes, the distance between two nodes being that of two years wayfaring. The Lord then commanded the Pen to write, and the Pen asked, “Oh Lord, what shall I write?”
The Lord said, “Write: La ilaha illAllah", 70,000 years the pen wrote.
Then ordered to write for 70,000 years "Muhammadan Rasulullah.”

Thereupon the Pen exclaimed, “Oh, what a beautiful, great name is that of Muhammad that it is to mentioned in one with Thy hallowed Name, oh Lord.”
The Lord then said, “Oh Pen, mind your manners! This name is the name of My Beloved, from his Light I have created the Throne and the Pen and the Tablets; you, too, are created from his Light. Had it not been for him, I would not have created a single thing.”

When Allah Almighty had spoken these words, the Pen split in two from awe of the Lord, and the place from which its speech issued became blocked, so that to this very day its nib remains cloven in two and clogged up, so it does not write, which is the sign of this great divine secret. Therefore, let no one fail in veneration and honoring of the Holy Prophet, or become lax in following his shining example, or contravene the noble custom he has taught us. { This is the secrets of Lam Alif }

Then again the Lord commanded the Pen to write. “What shall I write, oh Lord?” asked the Pen. The Lord of the Worlds then said, “Write that which will be until the Day of Judgment!”(that is our fate,destiny,our lifetime etc.) Said the Pen, “Oh Lord, with what shall I begin?” Said the Lord, “With these words you shall commence: BismiAllah al-Rahman al-Rahim.” In perfect respect and deference, the Pen then set out to write these words upon the Tablets, and it completed writing them in seven hundred years.

When the Pen had written these words, the Almighty spoke and said, “It has taken you seven hundred years to write three of My Names; the Name of My Majesty, My Mercy and My Compassion. These blessed words I have made as a present to the nation of My Beloved Muhammad(Divine Majesty of Peace and Blessings upon him).By My Majesty I pledge that whenever any servant from this nation pronounces the words of the Bismillah with a pure intention, I will write seven hundred years of countless reward for this servant, and seven hundred years of sins I will erase.”

Well,now come the 4th part which i mention from above that the divine Light of Muhammad,peace be upon him,was divided.

The 4th light was then again divided into four parts:

1.Throne-bearing angels (Hamalat Al-'Arsh)

2.Divine Court(Kursi)

3.All other heavenly beings

then the last part was also divided into four parts:



iii)jinn and fire

iv)*Light upon faces of the believers

*Light within their hearts

*Light upon their tounge(Tawhid)

*Different Light of the soul of Muhammad(peace be upon him and his family and his companions).

-This lovely soul came into being 360 thousand years before the creation of the world,
-It was shaped most beautifully and made of incomparable matter.
-Its head was made from guidance, its neck from humility,
-its eyes from modesty, its forehead from closeness (to Allah),
-its mouth from patience, its tongue from truthfulness,
-its cheeks from love and admonition,
-its belly from abstemiousness and other worldliness,
-its feet and knees from following the straight path,
-and its noble heart was filled with mercy

This much-honored soul was taught with mercy and equipped with all manner of wondrous powers. It was given its message and its prophetic qualities were installed.
Then the Crown of Divine Proximity was placed upon its blessed head, eminent and exalted above all else, embellished with Divine Pleasure and given the pure, holy name of Habibullah (Beloved of Allah). [ YA-Seen [s] ]

God knows best.


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