Saturday, June 13, 2009

Creation Of the Beloved YA-seen saw

salam wa rahmatuLlah wa barakatuHu alaik.
(The Creation of the Beloved saw part 3)

Thereafter the Lord created a tree which is known as the Tree of Certainty.
This tree has four branches. He placed this blessed soul upon one of its branches, and it continued to praise Allah for forty thousand years, saying, Allahu dhul-Jalali wal-Ikram. (Allah, Possessor of Might and of Kindness).

After it had thus praised Him with many and varied praises, the Almighty created a mirror, and He placed it so as to face the soul of Habibullah,{ secrets of the number 11 } and commanded his soul to gaze into this mirror.
The soul looked into the mirror and saw itself reflected as possessing the most comely and perfect form.

-He then recited five times, Shukran lillahi ta’ala (thanks be to Allah, Exalted be He), and fell down in prostration before his Lord.
-He remained in each sajda for one hundred years, saying

(i)Subhanal-aliyyul-azhim,wa la yajhalu. (Glory be to the High, the Sublime, who ignores nothing);
(ii)Subhanal-halim alladhi la yu’ajjalu. (Glory be to the Mild One who hastens not);
(iii)Subhanal-jawad alladhi la yabkhalu. (Glory be to the Generous who is unstinting).

Therefore the Causer of all Being obliged the nation of Muhammad [s] to perform sajda (prostration) five times a day – these five prayers in the course of one day and night were a gift of honor to the nation of Muhammad [s].

[so we need to be happy that God,All Merciful is He, has bestow this blessings upon which other nations of the prophets didn't recieve,the five prayers,and don't take it for granted or do it with laziness but instead do it with eagerness and take it as something that is pleasurable]
waLlahu A'lam wa rasuluHu A'lam.

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