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Who Gazed at the Soul of Muhammad [s]

salam warahmatuLlah wa barakatuHu alaik.
(The Creation of the Beloved saw final part)

Now, those among them whose gaze fell upon:

(i)his head were destined to become kings and heads of state in this world.

(ii)his forehead became just chiefs.

(iii)his eyes would become hafiz of the Word of Allah (i.e. one who commits it to memory).

Those who saw (iv)his eyebrows became painters and artists.

Those who saw (v)his ears were to be of those who accept admonition and advice.

Those who saw (vi)his blessed cheeks became performers of good and reasonable works.

Those who saw (vii)his face became judges and perfumers,

and those who saw (viii)his blessed lips became ministers.

Whoever saw (ix)his mouth was to be of those who fast much.

Whoever looked at (x)his teeth would be of comely appearance,

and whoso saw (xi)his tongue was to become the ambassador of kings.

Whoever saw (xii)his blessed throat was to become a preacher and mu’adhdhin (who calls the adhan).

Whoever looked at (xiii)his beard was to become a fighter in the way of Allah.

Whoever looked at (xiv)his upper arms was to become an archer or a diver in the sea,

and whoever saw (xv)his neck became a merchant and a trader.
Whoso saw (xvi)his right hand became a leader,

and who saw (xvii)his left hand became a dispenser (who holds the scales and measures out provisions).

Whoso looked at (xviii)the palms of his hands became a generous person;

whoso looked at (xix)the backs of his hands became a miser.

Whoso saw the inside of (xx)his right hand became a painter;

who saw (xxi)the fingertips of his right hand was to be a calligrapher,

and who saw (xxii)the tips of his left hand would be an ironworker.

Whoso saw (xxiii)his blessed chest would be of the learned, ascetic and scholarly.

Whoso saw (xxiv)his back would be a humble person and obeying the laws of the Shari’a.

Whoso saw (xxv)his blessed sides would be a warrior.

Whoever looked at (xxvi)his belly would be of the contented ones,

and whoever looked at (xxvii)his right knee would be of those who perform ruk’u and sujud.

Whoever looked at (xxviii)his blessed feet became a hunter,

and who saw (xxix)the bottom of his soles became one of those who take to the road.

Who saw (xxx)his shadow were to become singers and saz (lute) players.
All those who looked but (xxxi)saw nothing were to become unbelievers, fire worshippers and idolaters. [nau'udhubiLlah min dhalik]
Those who (xxxii)didn’t look at all were to become those who would declare themselves to be gods;such as Nimrod, Pharoah and his like. [na'udhubiLlah min dhalik]

[so if anyone of you have a certain 'ability/girft' in the above list or some one that you know has/have it,that's mean you and that person saw the certain part of the prophet (saw) soul ah.mashaAllah.And it is also possible that you may have seen more than just one part of his (saw) soul]

Now all the souls lined up in four rows.
- In the first row stood the souls of the prophets and messengers, on whom be peace; in
- the second row were placed the souls of the holy saints, the Friends of God;
- in the third row stood the souls of the believing men and women;
- in the fourth row stood the souls of the unbelievers.

All these souls remained in the world of spirits in the presence of Allah Almighty until their time had come to be sent into the material world.
[so based on mawlana 'Abdul al-Qadir al-Jilani[qs] booked in The secret of secrets that i've read,it stated that God,All-Mighty is He,first send the soul down to the realm of the Casual Mind,after that to the realm of Angels then finally,to our realm,the realm of matter(when were born);where our souls are dressed in the clothing that we are wearing which is the flesh.and if our true soul aka the holy spirit were to appers as its original form,then confirm one all of the universe were to burn into ashes.mashaAllah.And we've also've seems to have forgotten about the realms that we've been through..and the promise that we have made to our Lord,Glorious is He,whe He asked:"am I not your Lord?".Except for the Prophets(peace be upon them) and the Awliya'uLlah (may their soul be sanctified) since God willed them to remember.waLlahu A'lam wa RasuluHu A'lam.(and there's actually more to is which it's hard to explain so go read it yourself can find it at M.A.A library or just buy it at any islamic bookstore)]

No one but Allah Almighty knows how much time elapsed from the time of the creation of the Prophet Muhammad’s [s] blessed soul to his descent from the spiritual world into his physical form.

It is narrated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] asked the angel Jibra'il [as],
- “How long is it since you were created?”
- The angel answered, “Oh Rasulullah, I don’t know the number of years,all I know is that every seventy thousand years a tremendous light shines forth from behind the Canopy of the Divine Throne;since the time of my creation this light has appeared twelve thousand times.”
- “Do you know what this Light is?” asked Sayedena Muhammad [s].
- “No, I don’t know,” said the angel.
- “It is the light of my soul in the world of the spirit,” replied the Holy Prophet [s] .

Consider then, how immense a number it must be if 70,000 is multiplied by 12,000 !

So that's all there is to it and if you're wondering how did we get this information it's thanks due to Hajjah Amina Adil,Shaykh 'Abdul al-Qadir al-Jilani and Shaykh Hisham Kabbani.
and also to our teacher Abdul Sahkur for explaining it to us.
We basically took it from their books and some from our teacher teachings and try to put it togather.

basically this story(?)/information came from a Hadith, narated by Ali(ra).

and it's all based on the turh(since some of our friends was asking how do we know it's the truth?..)But if there is any wrong,please do let us know since it's due to my own mistakes.sry about that.

you cand find this book at wardah books or check the site at

the title of this book is: Muhammad: The Messenger of Islam, His Life and Prophecy.
By:Hajjah Amina Adil.

you can also find other books of hers which i find intresting, like Lore of Light (which there's 3 volumes about the story and the life of the prophet saw)

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